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  • Stoves Stainless steel SGH600CSTA Gas Hob.

    Cook to your heart’s content on the Stoves Stainless steel SGH600CSTA Gas Hob.

    This quality stoves hob offers four gas burners to give you rapid heat and maximum cooking control. Using gas lets you enjoy you enjoy a chance in heat that is immediate and precise, so you’ll be whipping up gastronomic delights in next to no time. You be able to use pots and pans of different sizes simultaneously, as the SGH600CSTA includes one larger burner, two medium-sized burners and a small one to match the variety you need in your cookery.

    To keep things safe the Stoves SGH600CSTA has a flame safety device which has been designed to detect if a flame goes out on the hob, immediately cutting off the gas supply to prevent any accidents or food being ruined.