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  • The Bosch KGN34NW3AG fridge freezer

    The Bosch KGN34NW3AG is great looking fridge freezer with the latest technology so it can best look after both your fresh and frozen foods while being energy efficient.
    With LED Lighting inside you get brilliant light that lasts the lifetime of the appliance, giving you stunning light to see what you need every time.
    With a Multi Airflow System the air is pushed around the appliance in gentle and even currents by a fan so that all levels and areas of the chilling and freezing areas are kept at stable temperatures. This reduces cooling times, saving both the flavour in your food and energy consumption.

    The fridge has MultiBox which has a waved bottom on a transparent box making it the ideal storage place for your fruits and vegetables. The freezer has the BigBox drawer for frozen foods. It is an extra deep that allows for easy stacking of items. It is ideal for larger frozen items like pizza and gateaux.